Transform the way the world learns by breaking barriers to education.


Dedicated to Building the best digital education experience to inspire people and improve their lives through the power of knowledge.


Learn & Grow

Since the founding of edWaves, we are passionate to be the best of what we do. It is an individual as well as a company’s responsibility.

Quality First

We approach each task with the utmost care and continuously seek to improve our quality to make our platform as engaging as possible for as many people we can reach. 

Technology Leadership

We are passionate about technology. Everyone here has the enthusiasm to use cutting edge technologies to shape the future of EdTech.


With over 8 years of experience in the EdTech industry, eSpace launched edWaves, with a vision to transform the way the world learns. edWaves is a digital education platform that provides educational institutes with an easy solution to revolutionize their way of teaching. edWaves also offers a customizable solution for enterprises to enter the emerging field of e-learning needed to train their employees.

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