Planning The Perfect Online Course

Education in general requires planning and organizing. We must keep in mind that courses previously taught in traditional classrooms may need to be retooled when planning to teach them online. The focus of the instruction shifts to visual presentations, engaged learners, and careful timing of presentations of information.

Many ways must be considered to illustrate key concepts or topics, using tables, figures, and other visual representations. Also It’s important to plan activities that encourage interaction.

and allow for student group work. This helps construct a supportive social environment and gaining course feedback which helps in course improvement.

Instructors must also be prepared if technical problems occur or if synchronous equipment fails, it is important for students to have alternative means of communication like phone, or e-mail and these alternative plans must be discussed with students ahead of time in case there is a technological problem to  eliminate any confusion and loss of productive class time if a problem occurs.

It is clearly important to plan ahead when teaching at a distance like other kinds of teaching. However, teaching at a distance requires that greater emphasis be placed on the initial planning phase.

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