The importance Of Motivation In Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has a great impact on students and their opportunities to learn worldwide. Students and teachers have been forced to shift from traditional classrooms to online / remote learning. They face many challenges in adapting practices away from a focus on face-to-face learning to an online learning environment with various forms of technology.

It’s very important to improve the current practices of online learning and teaching through appropriate methods of teaching and learning. One of the factors that optimize students’ learning and engagement is motivation.

Motivated e-learners are more likely to conduct more challenging activities, Motivation helps the learners to concentrate on what they are doing and be actively engaged, and show enhanced performance, persistence and creativity.

edWaves helps instructors to design effective online tasks to constantly motivate students in learning. edWaves also provides instructors the ability to grant learners a certificate of accomplishment, attendance, or even a certificate of encouragement to keep learners motivated all the time.

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