Prepare for Online Education in Academic year 2021

Online education was the big topic of 2020. As the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the world. Despite the challenges, we all managed to adapt, and while many institutes have returned at least on a part-time basis, the benefits of online education and training haven’t been forgotten and also changes in institutes’ cultures and ways of operating.

One of the most important aspects regarding preparing to the new academic year 2021 is making sure that an equitable learning environment is created such as greater and more equitable use of technology is made, integrating technology further into the classroom, and utilizing e-learning resources to further the education so extra care is taken to ensure that all learners have access to the programs and technology used.

More flexibility in education is another aspect as in time, content, entry requirements and delivery have been made. Most institutes are now adapting and offering more flexible courses that are available during the time slot that is convenient for the user, in a format that is convenient for the user and on devices that are convenient for the user.

Distance learning as the current evolution of learning is being undertaken with more flexibility and self-direction and most of the technological barriers have been removed and open access to online education for new users.

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