eSpace launches edWaves educational and training platform during the Edu Gate exhibition.

Cairo – 18 February 2020: In the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, eSpace, the leading Egyptian software development company, has announced today the launch of edWaves digital education and training platform during its participation in the International Education Exhibition and Conference Edu Gate in its 6th version, which will run until February 20, with the participation of 52 Egyptian and Arab universities.

In the presence of the Ministers of Communications and Higher Education.

The exhibition and conference session of this year will be held in the presence of a large number of officials and with the distinguished participation of a large number of universities from within Egypt and abroad, in addition to the training centers and international donors.

Minister of Higher Education

The launch of the new edWaves platform comes after the successes achieved by eSpace in Egypt and the Middle East, as a result of the accumulated experience of its human resources, which lasted over 20 years. The new platform targets the universities and the educational and training institutions as well as government institutions, where eSpace has, through “Rawaq” platform, which is the first Arabic massive online open courseware (MOOC) developed years ago, become the perfect choice for trainees and learners in Egypt and the Middle East.

The Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Investment are also relying on edWaves platform to train their staff.

“Rawaq” platform has collected more than 3 million enrollments in more than 150,000 online training and educational sessions. The Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Investment are also relying on edWaves platform to train their staff.

edWaves platform is characterized by the high usability in dealing with the training and educational courses offered through the platform, in addition to a high degree of security and privacy for each entity. edWaves platform also provides training paths (tracks) and allows entities to issue verified certificates to trainees after passing the various training paths and educational courses.

The participation of eSpace in this conference is a reflection of keeping pace with technological development in general and the general trend of digital transformation within the educational and training institutions and the government organizations in particular through the progression of the education system in Egypt and the region and provision of general and specialized training sessions.

eSpace has also participated through a speech delivered by Eng. Youssef Ali, CEO of the Company, in the main session of the conference on the future of smart universities and the mechanisms for benefiting from them, and what the smart education and training system can offer to the trainees, whether they are university students or government officials.

It is noteworthy that the partnership eSpace, which was established 20 years ago and has its headquarters in Alexandria, extends over governmental and private entities, including the Egyptian Ministry of Communications, the Egyptian Ministry of Planning, and the Egyptian Ministry of Investment, in addition to a number of universities and training academies in Egypt and abroad.

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