Announcing Our Collaboration with Sheikh AlAmoud

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Sheikh AlAmoud Foundation. Sheikh AlAmoud is a non-profit educational institution that has been working for the past seven years to spread Islamic sciences that provided opportunities to learn these sciences for almost more than eighty thousand students with the assistance of fifty teachers from the best professors of Egyptian and Arab universities and scientific research centers from among the school’s teaching staff.

Sheikh AlAmoud Foundation is now moving towards distance education and serving Islamic science by publishing free educational courses and programs that carry all the school’s values ​​and experiences and present them in an interesting and enjoyable way, to become a channel for communication between students with each other and teachers.

Sheikh AlAmoud Foundation choosed edWaves platform as an interactive and highly engaging distance learning platform to benefit from the high experience in the field of educational technology, which extends for more than eight years in  the creation and design of many e-learning platforms.

The ability to fulfill the requirements of distance education and accommodate large numbers of individuals is one of the most prominent advantages of edWaves, as it provides the opportunity to create an interactive learning environment between the parts of the educational process.

Believing in the role of eLearning in defining and achieving educational goals in a clear manner, simultaneously with providing educational strategies suitable for all different age groups, taking into account the individual differences between them, edWaves is pleased to harness its services and experiences to develop Sheikh AlAmoud distance learning platform, which aims to spread Islamic sciences.

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