Importance of Reporting

In Fact, Reporting is something every institute should be looking forward to when using an elearning platform. Reports should be exciting because they give a detailed insight into different areas of the elearning process and give hard evidence to base future decisions on, they’re a completely vital task.

edWaves features extensive reports for instructors which help to stay updated all the time. edWaves platform offers reports not only every month or every quarter, but it allows compiling reports whenever you feel you need updating about a particular part of your course and for every activity done throughout the course. So you don’t have to wait until the end of the month if you need a clear picture now, and you don’t have to stick to a predetermined schedule to get your reports.

All the information relating to your courses and learners is online, stored and updated automatically every time something changes. edWaves allows you to create separate reports about each course and how it is performing on its own, and then also compare the data to reports you have created for other courses.

edWaves also produces larger reports which will encompass all of your learning offerings in one place. This type of report is great for giving an overall picture and aggregated reports for the decision makers. Such a robust reporting system will allow decision makers to take data-driven decisions and optimize the learning process.

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