eLearning Assessment Tools

Assessments represent an important aspect of measuring the learning and knowledge imparted by any institute when using an eLearning platform and give learners an accurate picture of where they stand as compared to their peers and which serves as a  positive reinforcement for them by encouraging them to perform better.

edWaves provides different assessment tools such as assignments, quizzes, and essays, to enable instructors to create customizable, trustworthy, and secure online tests, surveys and set up multiple choice questions for the assignments and quizzes that can be accessed from any device.

Assessing the learning process at regular intervals is critical to the institute’s success. edWaves platform allows instructors to monitor the progress of each learner in real-time and add weighted grades for assignments and essays to impact the overall course score. 

edWaves enables the learners to submit assignments, projects, and instructors can publish and share their results and feedback with them.

edWaves also allows automatic grading for specific assignments, and quizzes which reduces the administrative burden for instructors and saves time. Instructors can easily follow up the learning progress through extensive assessment reports with a single click.

edWaves ease of use influences instructors to effectively use its assessment tools to evaluate learners and increase their success.

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