Instructor-To-Student Online Interaction

It’s obvious that online courses with high levels of instructor-to-student interaction have a positive impact on students’ satisfaction and learning.

The instructor is usually the focal point in the classroom lecturing, questioning, guiding, and responding to students. However, online courses can lack this immediate connection, since students are usually interacting with a variety of online learning resources rather than a live instructor. Without meaningful interaction with the instructor, students can feel disconnected and become demotivated.

In edWaves, learners-instructor collaboration is granted either by direct messaging the course tutors or by running public conversations on course discussion board, and lesson discussion board. Learners are always on track by granting the delivery and visibility of course announcements, lessons updates, and discussions.

In edWaves Discussion Boards, users can post questions, view the answers for the questions, answer a posted question, reply to an answer, sort questions according to popularity, and recentness, also they can pin questions to show on top of the discussion board.

As well as direct messaging, send/receive direct messages between learners and course tutors, and add attachment for direct messages.

Providing feedback to students let them  know that the instructor has closely evaluated their work, also asking for feedback from the students will provide instructors with valuable feedback that can help move class forward. This may help the instructors to be informed with the positives and negatives of the overall online classroom.

edWaves platform provides consistent communication between instructors and students 24/7.

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