How edWaves Overcomes Online Learning Challenges

Many people are not comfortable with computers, and online learning may sound intimidating to them. edWaves resolves this issue as it is a super user-friendly platform which gives learners the opportunity to learn on any connected device. edWaves  allows learners to participate and upload assignments easily. Learners can communicate directly with their  instructors through messages  and even with their course mates through the course wall and discussion board. Also, technical support is available to assist learners if needed .

edWaves provides a user manual that guides users at every step,  starting from logging into the platform until downloading their certificates.

edWaves also helps learners to be a good fit for the online classes. They get to attend class and do work when it fits into their schedule. The “Activity” section allows users to see their progress,the courses they have finished and their assignments. Learners can post regularly and interact with their  instructor and classmates. Also, they can  collaborate with other learners in virtual study sessions and live webinars that edWaves provides.

Lectures are easily recorded and can be divided into shorter videos. This gives flexibility to enable students to follow the recorded lectures with good concentration and easily at any time they want.

Setting goals to constantly remind yourself of what you want to achieve will increase the self motivation for learners, especially when they can review what they have completed through the “My activities” section in the platform which allows learners to know their progress. 

edWaves serves as a major convenience tool in delivering educational content, especially in this time of crisis, and helps both instructors and learners lessen the challenges of distance learning.

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