Online Visual Contents

In fact, 65% of us are visual learners. If you want your audience to better engage and retain their learning experience, then you need to incorporate powerful visuals into your courses. Visuals make it easy to understand your message without having to go through volumes of text, dealing with language ambiguities, analyzing complex statements and looking up jargons

Creating online training material and content that lacks visual stimuli like pictures, video, audio, graphs and infographics will greatly reduce the efficacy and retention rates of your training courses.

One of the main visuals you should incorporate regularly into your online course lessons is video. edWaves platform provides the lecturer with the ability to create visual content by embedding youtube videos of an existing library or uploading videos. 

edWaves platform guarantees the intuitive representation of the content which ensures the students engagements and smooth user integration.

There are various ways to present your courses visually and make them exciting. The key is to use the right visual content to convey your ideas. Ask your learners what they liked, what they would improve, and refine your courses to maximize their impact.

Visual content ensures that your audience not only connects with eLearning courses better but also retains the information longer.

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