Making remote learning effective and engaging with edWaves Interactive Learning Solutions.

edWaves Interactive Learning Solutions

edWaves is responding carefully to the market needs and the mandating support to virtual classes. In August edWaves provided educators with the capability to highly interact with their learners and enrich the learning experience. edWaves released a new feature of the web conferencing tool.

The web conference tool provides high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing using the browser’s built-in support for web real-time communication (WebRTC) libraries.

Students can chat, send/receive audio and video, respond to polls, display an emoji (such as their raised hand), and participate in breakout sessions.

The presenter can upload slides, use the whiteboard to annotate any side, enable/disable, multi-user whiteboard, start a poll, share a YouTube, vimeo, or Canvas Studio video, and share their screen.

By adopting this powerful conferencing solution, learners will feel as if all of them were in the same room and make the out of class learning more convenient and easier.

With video conferencing, there is an ability to provide individualized instruction with a personal connection, as it allows learners and instructors to connect and collaborate easily, it also allows learners to record the lessons they attend for later review through the available recording feature.

edWaves is eager to stay creative and flexible with the teaching methods it offers while allowing users to increase their effectiveness and maximize the value of online learning.

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