Importance of Reporting

In Fact, Reporting is something every institute should be looking forward to when using an elearning platform. Reports should be exciting because they give a detailed insight into different areas of the elearning process and give hard evidence to base future decisions on, they’re a completely vital task. edWaves features extensive reports for instructors which […]

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Announcing Our Collaboration with Sheikh AlAmoud

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Sheikh AlAmoud Foundation. Sheikh AlAmoud is a non-profit educational institution that has been working for the past seven years to spread Islamic sciences that provided opportunities to learn these sciences for almost more than eighty thousand students with the assistance of fifty teachers from the best professors […]

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How edWaves Overcomes Online Learning Challenges

Many people are not comfortable with computers, and online learning may sound intimidating to them. edWaves resolves this issue as it is a super user-friendly platform which gives learners the opportunity to learn on any connected device. edWaves  allows learners to participate and upload assignments easily. Learners can communicate directly with their  instructors through messages  […]

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Experiences of Other Countries in Distance Learning for Universities

Development of online learning worldwide The coronavirus crisis  has forced every country to look at online learning differently. While previously online learning in Egypt was perceived as something that would happen in the future, it was viewed as something that may be impossible to be done in the egyptian universities for certain challenges that differ […]

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Making remote learning effective and engaging with edWaves Interactive Learning Solutions.

edWaves Interactive Learning Solutions

edWaves is responding carefully to the market needs and the mandating support to virtual classes. In August edWaves provided educators with the capability to highly interact with their learners and enrich the learning experience. edWaves released a new feature of the web conferencing tool. The web conference tool provides high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing […]

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